Travel Tips from a Knitter

It's almost that time again! School is almost out for the summer! Many of you will be packing up to hit the open roads. Traveling to see family and old friends. While some travel for family vacations or even work....the sky is the limit! You've probably already started on the packing list, but have you decided what knitting you are gonna take?!?!

For me, my knit bag always gets scrutinized more than anything else! Am I packing enough projects? What if I find something new? Will I have the right needles? Do I need all these projects? Do I have enough to last the trip? Is there anything too complicated? Is there anything that will get messed up in the car? And the questions go on and on for hours...

I'm here to help you get a system together for knitting on the road!

Clean Out Your Bag

First off, dump out your whole bag! I know scary thought right! But just do it! Set all your current projects out, spread them out! Take over the couch! Put away any loose stitch markers, scrap yarn, loose needles, tools, random papers, etc.

Decide On Your Projects

My opinion is to take 4 projects (assuming a week-long trip). However, based on the length of the trip, this number may change. Just a weekend trip? I would probably take 2 projects.  A trip lasting several weeks? Well, I'd first HAVE to research all the LYS (local yarn shops) nearby and make sure I stop in ALL OF THEM!

  1. One small project - like socks or a scarf are perfect.

  2. One work-in-progress - this one is what I call 'mindless knitting'. Make sure it's not something that involves a zillion stitch markers! Or something that requires total silence and concentration. THIS is what you will be working on in the car. (Plan so, long trip = big sweater, short trip = small cowl.)

  3. One fun project - Pick something you are super excited about! Something you've been dying to start!

  4. One back-up - Everyone needs to pack a back-up! If you stuck somewhere for hours and there isn't an LYS for hundreds of miles, you will have your back-up! Or if you just happen to finish everything in your bag.

Check Your Tools

Now, it's time to check your tool pouch. Make sure you have the following:

  • scissors (FYI, make sure they are TSA approved if you are planning on flying)

  • stitch markers

  • tape measure

  • finishing needle

  • pen

  • paper

  • row counters

  • chocolate (Everyone needs to travel with chocolate!)


Lastly, make sure you have all your patterns for each project you are bringing along. It's also a good idea to throw in a magazine or notebook, you never know when you might be inspired!

So now that you have your bags cleaned out and ready, with your projects, and tools and patterns, you are ready to rock! Where are you traveling this summer? Do you travel for business or pleasure? I'd love to hear about it!

Where are you going this summer? I'd love to hear about it!


Kathryn O'Neil