10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Knitting

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How are you doing this week? Wonderful I hope!

Why would anyone ever want to learn to knit? Whenever I’m out and about and people see me knitting I tend to get one of 2 reactions…“OMG! Are you crocheting?? That’s so cool!”

“OMG! Are you crocheting?? That’s so cool!” Then I must go on to explain that it's knitting, not crochet.

The second reaction is “Wow! Are you knitting? But you aren’t old…” This slightly raises the hair on the back of my neck and I must calm myself down…after all I’m holding a deadly weapon…I mean knitting needle.

Then I remember how much I LOVE this second reaction! Because then I get to tell them how AWESOME it is to knit! And they must listen because of they just kind of offended me...

So here are just a few reasons why knitting is awesome and everyone should do it!

1. You can take it anywhere.

This is absolutely the best part! It’s the easiest hobby to transport. I always have a project in the car. Whenever I’m stuck by a train (we have lots of railroad tracks in Tennessee) or waiting in at the doctor's office I just grab my knitting and I’m instantly in my happy place.

2. It’s so easy to learn!

The basics of knitting revolve around 2 stitches. The knit and purl stitches. Once you’ve learned those two you are basically an expert! All the other fancy stitches and lacy stuff revolves around those stitches.

3. It’s good for your brain!

Like Sudoku, it keeps your mind sharp! Studies have shown, keeping your brain active can reduce the likelihood of Alzheimer’s. This is a disease that runs in my family so I need all the extra juju I can get!

4. Hand Therapy

Keeping your hands moving in repetitive relaxing movements can reduce the symptoms of Arthritis. I’ve met several people who have walked into our LYS per the doctors’ orders! The doctor literally suggested picking up knitting! Is yarn covered under your insurance?! I wish!

5. Conversation Starter

It is literally impossible to be out in public knitting and NOT have at least one person come speak to you. (However, this could just be a Southern thing. I can’t speak for most of the country.) Anyways, undoubtedly someone will ALWAYS ask “what are you making?’ and then they will mention someone else they know that does needlework. It’s so fun hearing everyone’s story and connection to knitting. What a great way to meet new friends!

6. Relaxing/Stress Reducer

Knitting is a major stress reducer. The consistent rhythmic movement just does something to your brain to instantly calm you. It also puts you in a much better mood. (But maybe that’s because knitting and wine go hand in hand?)

7. Gifts

It’s also so rewarding to be able to give away your hard work. People who have seen you at work, generally have a great appreciation for handmade gifts and know the hard work and dedication you put into making their gift. It’s an honor to see someone so excited to receive something you’ve created.

8. Rewarding

Another cool thing about knitting is the reward. You get to physically see your hard work paying off with every stitch. It’s so rewarding to see your progress right before your very eyes

9. Income

You can earn money from your hobby! There are so many new ways to sell handmade items these days. However, if you decide to go this route make sure you are getting what you are worth! Needlework is a very time-consuming hobby and sometimes it can be difficult to get paid accordingly.

10. FUN!

Lastly, it’s just plain fun! There are few things cooler than making my own trendy scarf and getting to show it off. The best part is knowing that it’s one of kind and there isn’t another one like it!

So, next time someone stops to ask you what you are making, here are 10 reasons to help you share the knit love and inspire them to try something new. Maybe even put down the cell phone for a change! Who knows, you may even make a new friend!

What’s your 'why'? Why do you love knitting? I’d love to know!