How To Organize Your Yarn Stash - Free Printable

Imagine this…

It’s 9:30 PM on a Saturday night. The kids are in bed. You finally have a minute of silence. You are flipping through Ravelry or Pinterest and find the MOST AMAZING cowl you’ve ever seen. It’s love at first sight!

You immediately jump off the couch and run to your special room, frantically digging through piles of yarn and you can’t find anything that will work. And NOW you have to wait TWO DAYS before your LYS (Local Yarn Shop) will open again.

What if you were able to look at your inventory list and know exactly what yarn you have?

What if you already HAD that perfect yarn for the perfect cowl?

And the exact amount you needed?!?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your yarn stash this organized?

I don’t know about you, but this was my situation just a few days ago. I decided once, and for all, I’m going to take an inventory! So next time, when the feeling strikes to start a new project, I’ll be ready!

After working so hard on my inventory, I figured some of you might have some goals for getting organized this year too! What better way than to start in your happy place! :)

You can download your copy of the yarn stash inventory at the bottom of this post. Here are a few suggestions on how to get you started:

  • Brew a large pot of coffee; if your yarn stash is anything like mine, you will need it!

  • Access the free resource library to print your yarn inventory

  • Grab a pen and your print out and get to town!

  • Get cozy with your yarn

  • While you’re at it, you may get inspired to organize your yarn too! This is the perfect opportunity!

  • Tip: I once made the mistake of organizing my yarn by color. Everything looked so lovely until I needed to find something! Everything was chaos and all different weight. I could never find anything I needed. It was AWFUL. I suggest organizing everything for weight, then if you want to get fancy by color as a subcategory.

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Set It All Out

The first step, to getting your yarn organized is gathering it together. Dig it out from the very place around the house! We all know you have some stashed away in every room! (Oh, is that just me...) Having everything sitting in front of you allows you to see exactly what you have. 

Make Piles

Since the inventory list organizes yarn by weight, I like to make piles of yarn by weight. You piles may look something like this:

  • Lace - 8.25-10 sts per inch gauge

  • Super Fine (Sock, Fingering, Baby) - 6.75-8 sts per inch gauge

  • Fine(Sport) - 5.75-6.5 sts per inch gauge

  • Light (Dk, Light Worsted) - 5.25-6 sts per inch gauge

  • Medium (Worsted, Aran) - 4-5 sts per inch gauge

  • Bulky (Chunky, Craft) - 3-3.75 sts per inch gauge

  • Super Bulky (Roving) - 1.75-2.75 sts per inch gauge

  • Jumbo (Roving) - 1.5 or fewer sts per inch gauge

Labels Containers

Now you can create labels for your storage bins, based on yarn size. I got these bins from Target. I was in a hurry at the time, so rather than print out a label I just write with a dry-erase marker. I think this works out well for me if I ever decide to change my system I can reuse the bins without having to tear off a label.

Make Your List

Now that your yarn is separated and organized by weight, you can just fill in your worksheets with your inventory! Here you can note things like yarn quantity and where it was purchased. You can also make what dye lot the yarn was in. Tip: If you are making a big project this is important. The dye lot determines if all the yarn is the EXACT same color!

Free Yarn Stash Inventory Printable

Get the password for the library with the free yarn stash inventory printables here by filling out this form:

Now that you have your inventory, it’s time to go pattern shopping! After all that hard work you deserve to start a new project! Let me know what you are making so I can knit along!

Now it's your turn! Get access to the FREE resource library now.

P.S. Now that your yarn is all organized you may want to check out ways to organize your knitting needles too!

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Kathryn O'Neil