4 Ways to Organize Your Knitting Needles

ways to organize your knitting needles.jpg

Where, oh where, are my double points?

Have you seen my size 4 needles? You may be asking yourself this same question. I am notorious of this myself!

It seems every time I want to start a new project, I run off to my craft room (aka organized room of chaos) to grab some needles and I can NEVER find what I need! If I do find what I’m looking for, then I must spend another 5 minutes untangling the jumbled mess or playing pick-up sticks from all the loose needles falling everywhere.

The other scenario is finding an empty packet where needles used to be, the ones I ALWAYS need are on one of my 50 eleven works-in-progress. Off I go, back to the local yarn shop (a pity I know), to buy some more needles! Now it’s time to start my new project!

By the way, I now have roughly 27 pairs of size 6 circulars. Oops!

How to Finally Organize Your Needles

I’ve decided to put an end to this once and for all! It’s time to organize the needles. I have a few different ideas that seem like they would be successful. I hope they help you can get organized too!

Master List

One option is to make a master list of all the needles and how many I have. This way when I’m out and about I don’t end up buying a new pair if I already have 10 million. Having a neat list also allows me to keep track of what projects I have in use.

Storage Bins

Secondly, boxes, bins, and jars are another great way to organize your needles. If you have a lot of space in your craft room, you can have your needles on display in cute little jars. Label each jar with a different size and then line them all up across a shelf.

In a limited space, you could have all your needles in one bin with cute dividers made for each size. To keep everything from getting tangled you can keep the needles in their packets. The dividers allow you to keep them in order by size. It makes everything so much easier to find!

Be on the lookout for a "How-To" post on creating your own storage bin with dividers in the near future!


Labels are another awesome way to keep organized too. Add a label to the front your packet. A small post-it works great for this because they are removable without damaging your packaging. Or you can get fancy and create some on the computer.

Then, label it with:

  • Current project (ex. Red cowl)

  • Location of the project (ex. Grey drawstring bag)

  • The date you started

This allows you to decide if you are really going to finish that work-in-progress or if you can just steal them for your new project.

Organizer Binders

Binders are another great way to store your needles.  One way to do this is by using a smaller binder (5x8 size) and loading it with sheet protectors. Each sheet protector can hold 1 set of circular needles.

I've also seen people repurpose old CD cases! Each CD placeholder is perfect for storing a circular needle! This option allows you to zip everything to together and toss in your bag to carry with you and nothing falls out along the way.

I hope this gives you some great ideas to organize and inspire you to do it!  Whether you decide to have a master list, labels, bins or binders there is something out there for everyone's needle storage needs.  However, maybe a combination of two is what works best for you?

How do you have your needles organized? I’d love to see.