6 New Ways to Cast-On

Casting On Knitting.jpg

Hey, Friends!

I've been working on some new designs lately. I've been wanting to try a new cast-on edge. I've searched around and found some really great options. I just wanted to share a few that I found. Hopefully, you can use one or two on your next project!

Here are 6 interesting ways to cast on your next project:

The Crochet Cast-On

Nikki Merrall of Being Knitterly does an amazing job here demonstrating how to do a crochet cast on. This method of cast on looks very similar to a bind off and creates a very clean edge. Nikki does an excellent job in her explanations and showing very clear images of each step.

Twisted German Cast On

Barbara Breiter of Knitting on the net has an excellent demonstration of a Twisted German Cast On. I think this cast on looks so gorgeous as a finished edge! I can't wait to try it on my next cowl!

The Knitted Cast-On

Knit Freedom with Liat has a great video of how to do a knitted cast on. She goes at a very good pace for a beginner, so it's very easy to follow along.

Invisible Cast On

Love Knitting shows an incredible and easy way to do an invisible cast on. This would be amazing for a pair of toe-up socks! There is nothing more annoying than a sock seam digging into your foot! Can't wait to try this soon!

Two-Color Cast On

LaVisch Designs has some beautiful imagery for a two-color cast on. This is needed for a brioche technique in knitting. (More on brioche later, but it is absolutely gorgeous!)

Long-Tail Alternative

Lastly, if you just have a hard time giving up the old standby technique...here is an option you may want to consider! This version of a long-tail cast on from Coco Knits helps avoid having to guess how much yarn you will need to cast on! I absolutely hate getting to the end of my cast on and running out of yarn with only 3 more to go! So infuriating!

I hope some of these techniques you find new and inspiring! What are you casting on this week? I'd love to know! Please share below.