My First Ever Progress Report: May 2017

I’m brand new to this whole blogging world. Just a few short months ago, I really had no idea you could even make money from making a website. After my daughter was born, 7 months ago, I knew I had to find a way to have more time to be home with her. I’ve always wanted to work from home, but I could never figure out how to do it.

I spent months on Pinterest searching for ways to make income from home.  Every site I found suggested a blog as the number 1 money maker. So, I started reading income reports from various websites and clicking on pins claiming to make $20,000 in a month. I was mesmerized!

Then I thought, ‘Hey! If they can do it, so can I! I desperately want to get paid to do what I love!’

I decided to give it shot!

Most of the income reports I’ve found have all been from people who have been blogging for several months and are already making money. Although after reading several articles most of those people mention how much hard work and free labor they put into their blog in the initial months before it starts paying off.

I decided I wanted to share with you the stats from the very beginning! Not to discourage, but to encourage you to follow your dreams too. By that I mean, I’m posting this to hold myself accountable to keep at it and to not give up! So, I’m doing it scared!


May Stats:

Pageviews: 272

Subscribers: 3

Pinterest Followers: 7

Income: $0


Monthly Expenses Breakdown:

Bluehost Domain - $11.99 / yr

SiteGround Web Hosting - $7.60/month

Logo Design by Fiverr - $31.50

Divi by Elegant Themes - $7.46 / month



Theme by Number by Start a Mom Blog- $18

Start a Mom Blog Income Journey/Email Bundle - $80

Affiliate Course - $99

Photography for iPhone - $10

How to Blog for Profit eBook - $7

 Total: $272.55



My goals for the month were simple.

I only had three:

  • set-up my theme for the website

  • write 5-10 blog posts

  • set-up at least 2 social media accounts


What I worked on this month:

My expenses this month were a little higher than I would’ve liked, but I spent most of my money on training courses to learn how to do new things. I have some great ideas to share with you in the next several months and I want to make sure everything turns out just right!

I also switched my blog to THREE different themes before finally finding one that I liked and could customize enough to my liking!  I was timid to try something customizable at first because of the learning curve associated. I realize now I should have just jumped right in from the start. The Divi theme from Elegant Themes was the one I really wanted from the beginning. I regret not starting out with it.

I did get the basics set-up for my Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. However, I haven’t really started working on growing my presence yet. This will come in time.


What didn’t work this month:

The burnout. I got so caught up in trying to think of every little thing that needed to be done, I got so overwhelmed. The overwhelm was paralyzing. I ended up having to take a week off to step back and refocus.

Because of this, I felt like I fell behind on my posting and this may have hurt me for the month June.  Only time will tell I guess. However, coming back renewed was such a great feeling and I got so much accomplished.

Have you thought about starting your own blog? Is there something holding you back?


Goals for next month:

Time Management: After taking a short break from blogging, I realized I needed to get better with my time management. There are so many distractions at home! I set a schedule for myself to work in short time blocks after my little one goes to bed every night or when she is visiting the grandparents. By having a dedicated schedule I think I can manage all the tasks easier.

Post Consistently: My goal is to make sure to post consistently.  I’m still getting a feel for whether posting once or twice a week is better. However, making sure I’m writing something every day is essential.

Graphics: I joined a small email course on How to take better pictures. I hope to put this into good use from here on out so my knitting images will show up better for you guys! You can thank me later if there is any improvement! Lol.

Newsletter: I also plan to get my email newsletter set-up soon.  Look for that in your inbox!

Income Strategy:

Budget: I went way over budget this month on my spending. Especially considering I’m not even making any money! I need to set up a budget to keep this from happening in the future. However, a few hundred dollars to start a business is such a small price to pay compared to many businesses out there.  So even if it doesn’t work out, I’m not in a financial crisis!

Affiliate Marketing: I need to research some affiliate marketers and figure out what I need to do to start earning income from this blogging beast. Hopefully, then I’ll be able to share so much more awesome tools with you guys.


How can I help you?

I hope this helps you to take a leap of faith to start living the life of your dreams. With just a few bucks and a lot of work, you can start your own business too! If you need any help or have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to give me a shout! I’d love to help.

Kathryn O'Neil