Knitted Gift Ideas for Dad

Mens Knitted accessories.jpg

Father’s Day is sneaking up quickly! Do you have your gifts ready? Are you completely out of ideas?

This year is my husband’s first Father’s Day! I’d really like to make it special for him. Something to always remember, so I took to Pinterest to find the perfect Father’s Day gift from a knitter. Here are 10+ FREE knit patterns for men.



Purl Soho is absolutely one of my favorite stores! I get their emails daily, and I have honestly made so many of their patterns!  It’s my go-to site for everything knitting. Their colors and yarn are so modern. I love it.  This men’s scarf is such a classic, it will never go out of style.


Beer Cozy

How fun! Everyone needs a good beer cozy to keep your drinks cold in this hot summer heat! The best part you can customize these to basically anything you want!

Note: You may be required to create a free account to view this pattern. However, Ravelry is such an amazing resource for knitters, it’s totally worth it!


Golf Club Covers

How fun are these?! I know a few men in my life that would LOVE a matching set of club covers! This looks so easy to make, I may make some for myself while I’m at it!



Even though it's now Summer, and it’s super-hot here in the South already! Sweaters are a go to knitted gift. Nothing is more comfortable than a sweater made perfectly to fit! This timeless button neck sweater is such a classic and can easily be worn for any occasion. Dress it up with a nice pair of slacks or down with just jeans.



Socks are so much fun to make because they go fast! If you work them at the same time, it seems like you finish twice as fast.  FYI is also a great website to find tons of free knit patterns.



Is your guy man enough to wear a knit tie?  This option is a complete hit or miss! LOL. I think there are so many guys that would love a knitted tie and just as many that would think you are crazy.  You may want to check with him before putting in the effort for this one. Although, both ties are really good-looking.



These slippers I found on Ravelry are designed for anyone. They look stretchy enough to slip right on, yet still stay on your feet. Note: You may be required to create a free account to view this pattern. However, Ravelry is such an amazing resource for knitters, it’s totally worth it!



The fun part about hats, they come in a million shapes and sizes. This one by Berroco is fun because it’s slouchy and stylish but still looks warm and functional.



V-neck vests are a such a classy look. Nothing says, ‘put together’ more. I also love it that this pattern fits nicely onto 1 sheet of paper!



We don’t get a ton of cold days in South, but when we do. Toasty knit gloves are exactly what you need.


Coffee Cozy

So if pops is not a beer drinker, then we've got him covered too! With a coffee cozy!

So, if you are looking for a great Father’s Day gift or just something for the man in your life here are great options for FREE knit patterns. We’ve got you covered from head to toe!


Do you have any ideas? Did I miss something awesome? Please share with us!