Make Your Own Stitch Markers

Hey, again girlfriend! I’m so excited to show you some awesome stuff today! Stitch markers are like the essential beginner tool in knitting. You basically need them for almost every project. They keep you sane…promise! Just doing a short Etsy search, stitch markers come in every shape and size and color imaginable! I want to show you how you can make some of your own. Once you get the basics, the sky is the limit and everyone will be asking you where you got such CUTE markers!

So first you need to take a short…a few hours are more like it…to your local craft store. I chose Hobby Lobby for this trip, but I also shop at JoAnn’s and Michael’s (unfortunately I don’t have an AC Moore in my area now).


Cousin Craft and Jewelry Tool Kit

Charms or beads (the possibilities here are endless)

Earring loops or large lobster clasp

Jump Rings


Step 1: Dry Run

I like to do a dry run I want I’m going to make to see if I’ll it first. So, in this case, I set out these mini tassels, a jewel, and a feather charm.  I set them next to the earring to see what it will look like and then change out a few options until I decide on what I like.

Step 2: Jump Ring

Open the jump ring with your pliers. Be careful not to open too far or it will lose its shape.  With the ring open, add your charms and the feed it through the hole in the earring.


Step 3: Close

Close the jump ring. Make sure everything moves easily on the ring if it’s too full the charms will not hang properly. It’s also very important to make sure the ring is closed smoothly and tightly if there are rough edges it may pick your yarn.


Here a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Initial Monogram

  • Birthstone

  • Hobbies

  • Tassels

  • Single Beads/Jewels (This works great if you are making several! Do several of any color you choose and then make 1 more of a different color. This serves as your beginning of row notion if you are knitting in the round.)

  • Shells

  • Wooden Beads

  • Glass Beads


You can go crazy with different beads or charms, or even make your own charms if you are feeling extra crafty! A few warnings, be careful not to make anything too heavy. Remember you do have to hold them all on your needles! Also, I would try to avoid things will a lot of pointy edges or ins and outs, they can get stuck in your knitting and cause loads of problems.

Are you to go make your one of a kind stitch markers? I’d love to see what you’ve come up with! Share with us on Facebook!

Kathryn O'Neil