How to Properly Measure Your Knitting

Hey Friends,

Today we are talking about how to properly measure your knitting! Properly measuring your work-in-progress is so important! Making a mistake in this can cause major problems in the outcome of your finished piece.

Measuring while your knitting is too stretched out will cause your measurement to be shorter than actual. Or if your too scrunched your piece will be too long (most of the time this is fine until you end up with 2 different length sleeves)!

Also, measuring improperly can cause you to use extra yarn, which may lead to running out right at the last minute! OH NO!

Step 1:

Get to a stopping place in your work. It’s never a good idea to measure while you are in the middle of a row.  This is how you lose stitches…ughh.

Step 2:

Move stitches back on your needles.  Move all your stitches back to the cable, so they can relax. (If you are using straight needles, then just move then back from the point and spread them out evenly. And seriously, go get you some cables! You won’t regret it!)

Step 3:

Lay your work out on flat surface. I’m not talking the couch or your leg. A real flat surface like the coffee table or if nothing else, the floor.  (Full disclosure, I have been known to use my leg as a flat surface to measure. I generally end up regretting it…)

Step 4:

Lay your project out flat without stretching it.  You want this to be in its ‘most natural state’.  Now I realize sometimes this means it will start to curl (i.e. using stockinette stitch), but just flatten it the best you can without pulling.

Step 5:

Using your fancy schmancy tape measure, measure from the very bottom edge to the top of the stitch on the cables.


There you have it! Easy Peasy, Lemon…. you know the rest…

So, if you are measuring your next sweater sleeve (which is like the black hole of knitting!) or just making a baby blanket, make sure you use these quick easy steps to measure properly! Hope this helps you in the future!

What are you working on these days? Let me know in the comments!

Kathryn O'Neil