Gift Ideas for a Knitter

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I have to say, I am SUPER excited about Mother's Day this year! I am officially a mom this time around! Also, my dear husband has some making up to do after calling me a parasite-host last year for Mother's Day. While I know he was just being silly, but the words did sting a bit...maybe it was just the hormones.

Mother's Day is just around the corner! If you're like me, now is the time...cough...last start scrounging the internet for gift ideas for mom. Well, you have come to the right place!

I have put together a list of some really cool things to get for mom on her special day! I've broken it down into two parts: 1. Gifts for the Knitter Mom and 2. Gifts for the Non-Knitter Mom. Hopefully, this covers everyone!

Gifts for the Knitter Mom:

While most of us here are avid knitters I realized that traditionally it's a hobby that tends to be generational. So here are a few ideas for the knitter momma!


A yarn bouquet is a gorgeous way to give the gift a yarn with a beautiful presentation! These are some I've found on Pinterest. It's a great idea to make with leftover yarn (or make two and keep one to display your leftovers!). They look so cute I would almost never want to take it apart, and just leave it on display in my house.

I love how they keeps all the yarn in tacked. While the twigs and other flowers give it a completed look. This one has the yarn wrapped up like fresh-cut flowers.  I think this is such a great idea!  What a fresh take on gift wrap. You can buy this bouquet from Jen in her Etsy shop A Little Knitty. She has several colors available and it comes with a super cute shawl pattern!

Yarn kits are another gift option for a knitter.  The best place to find these are at your LYS (Local Yarn Shop). Many places have kits already packaged and ready to go.  If you don't find anything you like they can typically help you build a kit to buy.


A yarn box is another great idea for an avid knitter.  Subscription boxes are all the rage now, so why not have a knit box too! Here are a few that I've had my eye on!

KNITCRATE is by far at the top of my wishlist! They partner with some suppliers/manufacturers that produce some amazing yarn. And after browsing their site their pattern designs have such a young modern freshness to them. Love it!

yarnbox is a monthly subscription service. They have 3 different price points on their subscriptions. The only downside the boxes do not include a pattern. While for some people this is a great idea, but I think most knitters would prefer a pattern included. I think this is extremely important since the customer is not picking out the specific colors and yarn themselves.

Yarn Crush is a full-service subscription box. Each month their box includes yarn, 2 patterns (a knit version and a crochet version), and an extra. The extras include things like a small project bag or cute notebook. All with fun knitter sayings on them. I love their images and fun advertising. Oh! I should also note, they have a bead of the month subscription option too! How cool is that?!

Darn Good Yarn also has yarn, a pattern, and a surprise gift. I can't seem to find any images of past boxes so I'm not sure with the surprise gift includes. They sell their own yarn and are a Fair Trade company.


Magazine subscriptions are also a great gift that keeps on giving months later.  Some great knitting resources include:

  • Vogue Knitting

  • Knit Simple

  • Knitters Magazine

  • Love of Knitting Magazine

  • Interweave Knits

  • Knit Wear

I'm sure I'm leaving out a few zillion, but these are just the ones I have on my shelf now.


A yarn bowl is another cool gift idea.  If your mom uses yarn rolled into a ball, then this is an excellent gift.  A yarn bowl keeps your yarn balls from rolling out into the floor and across the room before you can jump up and catch them....this has never happened to all...never...not once...

Here are a few I found on Etsy.

Creativity Happens I love the bright colors of these yarn bowls.  How fun would it be to have this sitting out on display!

Little Wren Pottery This bowl is absolutely gorgeous! I love the 'wool' carved right into the functionality of the bowl. How clever and modern.

Gary Jerry I'm a sucker for handcrafted wooden bowls. This one has so much texture, it's just breathtaking.

Maine Fiber Tools I've never seen a yarn bowl made of leather, but its such a great idea! I am constantly dragging my knitting around everywhere and this leather one is so mobile! I think you could probably use it a project bag for on the go as well. This is a great idea!


A knitter can never have enough project bags! The first place I would start is Etsy. There are a zillion sellers on Etsy and a project bag is all a matter of personal preference. Drawstring? Zip top? Snap Closure? Wristlet? Sock size? Small project? Sweater project? Extra pockets? Fabric? Canvas? Felt? Knit? The options are limitless...


Shawl pins are so much fun! They can make even the most boring piece look finished. You can also use them over and over and in so many ways. Pins come in different shapes colors and sizes.

One thing to note, shawl pins can leave a mark in your knits. So be careful when wearing them, that they don't pull your handmades.

The Irish Knitting Room Feather's are my passion! An expression of my Cherokee roots, so I had to include this shawl pin in the list. It's just beautiful and already in my shopping cart!

Ideas In Wood Nothing beats a carved wooden pin. These have so much function and look so regal on a handmade shawl.

Unicorn Vibration I love the look of this leather and copper one. I'm not really sure how it attaches but is gorgeous.

Natali Studio The design of this shawl pin is so unique! I've always imagined shawl pins being straight, but I love the design of this one.

Another great thing about shawl pins, you can use them as a hair accessory when you aren't wearing a shawl. I love to wear my hair twisted up! The shawl sticks work amazing for this. The pins can be attached to a bobby pin and placed in your hair for some added glam.


There have been many a knit project I have based solely around a gifted button! Really interesting buttons can inspire the most amazing creativity.  Etsy is always the first place I go to look for cool buttons!

Sea Zephyr These sea glass buttons are beautiful on anything you decide to use them with.

Terracotta Toys These buttons come from a crafter in the UK. She has a huge selection of really neat handmade buttons. ou can find them to work for any project you are working on.

Merry Buttons Merry Buttons makes all kinds of ceramic buttons. She has tons of shapes and sizes for every project.

Lyanwood These copper buttons are so cool.  It amazes me the different materials and textures used for buttons.

 I hope this helps with your search for the perfect Mother's Day gift! Whether it's a yarn bouquet, subscription box, project bag, magazine subscription, yarn bowl, shawl pins or some cool buttons there is something for every knitter!

Have you found the perfect gift for your knitter? Is it listed here? I'd love to hear what you've thought of!

Happy Knitting!