Every Knitter Needs An Awesome Knitting Planner!

January is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s time to start fresh! A clean slate. New Beginnings. And best of all a new planner! I don’t know about you, but I live by my planner! (Which also functions as my on-going to-do list.)

So I have to tell you about my latest find! A knitting planner! By Martina Behm The Strickplaner.  (Not an affiliate, I'm just really excited about this product!) This is the first edition of the planner, so they limited in quantity.

Planner Overview

The first half of the planner is set up like a normal day planner created in collaboration with a small company called weekview.

This German-based company strives to help people succeed at having goal-oriented mindset rather than only focusing on the day to day tasks. Their planner system is designed to sort tasks by priority.

The beginning of the planner has a place to set your long-term goals (sections include space for personal, family, work and creative). It then goes on to break these big goals down into quarterly goals for the year.

At the beginning of each quarter, there is a 3 months goals page and then another to track your goals.

The weekly pages have a small section for writing notes or appointments for each day and task list for the week. Task lists are broken down by priority. Prioritizing tasks helps keeps you focused on your goals.

The last page of the planner section has a place for reflection. It has some question prompts for what did and didn't go well and what were any lessons you learned.

Knitting Tools

This next section is where the magic happens! It's loaded with the good stuff.

Now I will say, I'm not always OCD about my knitting, writing every little thing down, planning projects to the nth degree, setting deadlines, etc.

However, when I'm working for design deadlines (ex; designing a hat for Valentine's day - obviously it needs to be finished early enough so I can share you BEFORE Valentine's day!) this is where I see the Yearly Overview section a bonus!

There is also a project index, a section for writing down knitting ideas (and where you found them), project pages. Also, project pages include full pages for larger projects and half pages for smaller ones.

Inventory lists for yarn, wishlists, websites, and then there are tons of pages for notes. All for writing or sketching your brilliant ideas. I love this because it includes checklists, lined pages, graph pages, and bullet pages. I love the variety.

Lastly, Martina includes a free pattern designed specifically as a book cover! It's included in the book, but you can also find the pattern on Ravelry.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I'm very excited about this knitting planner. I can't wait to see with this year has in store!

I think the size is perfect and fits very nicely in my purse or in any project bag. It’s a fairly small notebook 4.8 x 7.2 inches, one downside - this can make it difficult to carry any extra papers.

Everything is in one place! I love having the planner in the front and a place to organize all my knitting in the back.

Explanation pages are included in case you get 'lost in translation'.

One major downside for me was the cover color. It’s white....Y'all, I have a toddler! Need I say anything? We can't have anything nice! Much less anything WHITE! I can only imagine what this thing is gonna look like by the end of the year, basically a disaster. LOL!

I hope this helps with your planner decisions for making your year great! If you would like to get to know more about Martina you can visit her website. She has a wonderful Quarterly knit club.

Also, if you are wanting to get started on that first project to add to your planner, be sure you can check out these boot cuffs! They are so fun and fast to make, you’ll be making them in every color for all your friends.

I hope you find yourself with more time to knit now that you are all organized! Happy knitting!





P.S. Don't forget to add your boot cuff pattern as your first project for the year!

Kathryn O'Neil