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10 Reasons Why You Need To Start Knitting

Why would anyone ever want to learn to knit? Whenever I’m out and about and people see me knitting I tend to get one of 2 reactions…“OMG! Are you crocheting?? That’s so cool!”

“OMG! Are you crocheting?? That’s so cool!” Then I must go on to explain that it's knitting, not crochet.

The second reaction is “Wow! Are you knitting? But you aren’t old…” This slightly raises the hair on the back of my neck and I must calm myself down…after all I’m holding a deadly weapon…I mean knitting needle.

Then I remember how much I LOVE this second reaction! Because then I get to tell them how AWESOME it is to knit! And they must listen because of they just kind of offended me...

So here are just a few reasons why knitting is awesome and everyone should do it!

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