2017 Summer Fashion Trends for Knitters

Summer is here! In full force, I might add and in Tennessee, it's hot and humid as heck. I don't know about you, but my knitting seems to slow a little bit in the summer months. It's just too hot to sit with a pile of yarn in my lap! To keep myself knitting through the summer, I did some research on the latest summer fashion trends for 2017. After seeing the trending fashion, I was so inspired to pick up my needles again. Check out my Summer Pin Board to see the inspiration!

2017 Summer Fashion Trends:

  • Ruffles

  • Dresses with high side slit

  • Random Cutouts

  • Shirt Dresses

  • Crochet Tops/Dress

  • Off the Shoulder Tops

  • Denim Outfits

  • Ruched Dresses

  • Boho Style

  • Knee Length Skirts

  • Mini Skirts

  • Cargo Pants

These trends have my mind racing with so many new knitting projects. I was excited to find the trends for summer are some of my favorite things to wear! I did a Pinterest search to find some knitting inspiration. I was bombarded with some amazing patterns. Some of my favorites include a gorgeous sweater with large arm cutouts, an oversized slouchy sweater in a lacey pattern, some fresh knitted tank tops. And don’t forget the swim cover-ups! I’ve never thought about knitting a swim cover-up. But this is such a great idea! By knitting it myself, I’ll know it will fit just right! I can change the length to be whatever I want. Crochet is the rage in fashion right now, especially patterns with large lace layered over camisoles or fitted tops. The variation of shawl patterns right now is endless. Every time I turn around I see a new pattern I want to start. If I made all the ones I love I wouldn’t have enough days in the year to even wear them all. It’s so hard to choose which one to make first! Don't forget to check out my Summer Pin Board! What are you working on this summer?

Kathryn O'Neil