11 Podcasts Every Knitter Needs to Hear

What do you do while knitting? Sit on the back deck? Watch TV? Listen to the radio?

Do you knit out in public and people watch?

How about listening to podcasts?

Podcasts are something I’ve recently discovered. I always thought they were just boring documentary type recordings. Basically, like someone just reading you a book. Sounds really boring.

But then a friend suggested I listen to a podcast about blogging and the world turned on its axis.

Y’all! It was so cool!

And now people have podcasts on YouTube! Which is really awesome! It’s like they have their own mini TV show! But on the internet! And the topics are endless! I had fun over the last few weeks scouring the earth looking for the best knitting podcasts around! Here is what I found!


Check them out, they are pretty cool!

Knitting Pipeline

This is probably one of the first podcasts I’d heard about. She has over 300 episodes and counting. She has a really neat podcast/YouTube channel. Most of her shows go over various projects she working on or recently finished. It’s really great to hear a review about projects you may be interested in or discover something new!

She also discusses playing the bagpipes and local nature for a bit of uniqueness.


Grocery Girls Knit

Jodi and Tracie are two really fun sisters with a passion for knitting. They call themselves the Grocery Girls because their family owned a local grocery store in Maine.

They have a ton of fun on their show. They discuss life events and retreats they attended. Projects they are working on. Yarn and works-in-progress.


The Fat Squirrel Speaks

Amy Beth talks about whatever is on her mind in her podcasts/YouTube episodes.

Generally, she starts with things she has going on in her life and knitting projects. She also sells some incredible amazing project bags! Like the best bags ever! However, she only makes a small amount at a time. So at the end of every podcast, she debuts the new fabrics options, generally 4-5 choices, that will be the latest bags.


Marly Bird

Marly Bird uses her YouTube channel for tutorials and tips. She has tons of videos showing knitting and crochet basics.

If you are having trouble which a stitch or wanting to learn something new, this is the place to go!


Girl Meets Yarn 

Girl Meets Yarn is a newer podcast. MarElisa from Puerto Rico, but currently lives in Arkansas.

She discusses her recent projects from the perspective of a newer knitter.


Fiber Tales

Fiber Tales has spectacular videography and editing! The videos and sound are incredible. This is a very new podcaster and at the time of writing only had 2 videos published. I love them so far and hope she keeps going! Plus, she's podcaster from Denmark!

In the episodes she goes over her various published patterns and projects she’s working on.


Honey Bee Knit

Melissa goes over finished projects, socks-in-progress. She also is a spinner and shows off yarn she’s made.

Which is also for sale in her Etsy shop.  She covers her shop news and events she attended or planning to attend.


WTF Knitting Podcast

Levi also discusses projects he’s working on but, I love that he goes over random Knick knacks and knitting notions. He’s a male nurse and a big knitter. He really funny to listen too and randomly sings have his sentences. You need to be in a really fun mood to watch this podcast! Levi is hysterical!

Perscoping Sisters

Shanna and Jaymie are the perscoping sisters. They talk about knitting, spinning, dyeing, and chitchat about life.

They also do fun giveaways on social media and Ravelry. Their shops can be found at www.lambstringsyarn.com and www.lesliejeanknits.etsy.com


Wool is My Bread

Jennifer is a knitter podcasting from the Netherlands.

She is a brand new podcaster, so I’m anxious to see how this one takes off.

She works at a leather tannery and sometimes throws in a few leather projects.


The Yarn Hoarder

Amber is the yarn hoarder.

She loves to talk about events she attended and projects she has going on.

She also does giveaways on every episode or coupon codes for show sponsors. Watch the episode to find out how to enter. :-)


I hope you find a podcast you enjoy listening too from this bunch! If you have any others not listed and want to share I'm always available via email. You can reach me at hello@thecarpoolknitter.com.

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Kathryn O'Neil