Welcome to the Carpool Knitter!

If you’re like me, you know how crazy busy our lives can be. As wives, moms, and women we forget to take a time for ourselves. Am I right?

So many women are always on the run taking care of the whole family. They never take the time to relax and enjoy a moment of peace. It's my passion to encourage women to take a break from the noise, even if it's for a few minutes in the carpool line! It’s exhausting meeting everyone’s needs all the time.



Here’s the thing: Sometimes, we just need a minute. I know you’re here for that reason. The Carpool Knitter is a place where you can find fun knitting projects you can take on the go in the everyday craziness of our lives.

So, grab some yarn and hang out for a bit!


Most people think knitting is for old ladies, but I have been knitting for as long as I could hold two needles (roughly 30 years). I have ongoing projects almost everywhere in the house…car…husband’s car…etc. I’m always excited to share my love of knitting with others.

The Carpool Knitter began in January of 2017, so I could find more time to knit and to work from home.  I wanted to share my knitting ideas with the world.  I’m so excited to see what the future holds.

I created this blog to help knitters find inspiration, learn techniques, and to find the latest gadgets to help keep that ever-growing yarn stash of yours (and mine) stay organized.


You’ll find ideas and tips for knitters for various levels from very beginner to the most advanced, find ways to organize your crafts, discover new types of fiber arts or start a handmade business.



Teaching others to knit is probably my favorite thing to do. This section is designed for the very beginner or if you just need a refresher. An abbreviation chart lists all the commonly used knitting terms and their definitions.  The stitch library is available for stitch reference and is regularly updated, so be sure to check back often.  Also, I will soon have a YouTube channel with tutorial videos for knitting basics.

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  • Abbreviations

  • Stitch Library

  • YouTube Channel (coming soon)


This section is where new knit patterns are released. You can find them under the Knit tab.

There is also a section called ‘Errata.' Occasionally, it is brought to my attention when a previous pattern has a mistake. I’ll post those updates here so everyone can be aware of the changes.

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Life is where things get creative. Isn't it always! The topics are limitless here, and that’s the fun part! I try to include things like craft organization ideas, knitting trends, resources, and lifestyle topics.

One of the biggest things I struggle with is organizing all my hobby and yarn supplies. When I come across a neat idea or find something that seems to be working for me, I make sure to share it with you.

Knitting trends change with the season, so I want to make sure you stay in the know and stay on point. I’m here to make sure you stay in the loop with everything happening in the knitting community.

I’m always on the hunt for the latest gadget or new book to review, so check here for recommendations. Or if you are just looking for  or

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The business area is where you will find information if you’d like to take your knitting to the next level. You’ll find information on starting a website or blog, opening an online store, selling handmade products, as well as, time management tips.

As a Business Manager, I have a passion helping small business owners seek out weak spots and optimize their strengths. Here you can find interviews with other entrepreneurs for inspiration, and product reviews and much more!

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I’m Kathryn, mom of a beautiful baby girl. I’m married to my wonderful husband. I have degrees in both Architecture and Business Administration. I’ve been a Business Manager for multi-million dollar companies for ten years.


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